LSAT—IndiaTM is, hands down, the most appropriate exam for entrance in law in India. It tests what needs to be tested in a candidate, and does not need any regurgitation. The infra, the management, the invigilators everything is well managed and well accounted for, making sure that in no way the student suffers. I'm very content with how the LSAT—India functions.

- Priyamvada

I have chosen LSAT—IndiaTM because I wanted to go to one of the private colleges in India for further law studies. And by giving this exam I can get admissions in preferred private college.

- Sudhanshu Samri Rotkar

I choose LSAT—IndiaTM because it is one of the most comprehensive exams. It is one of those exams that candidly test your intellect rather than testing your ability to cram up or retain things.

- Priyank Pandey

I have confidence and faith on the fair evaluation by LSAT—IndiaTM and most of the law colleges are associated for selection of their candidates through LSAT—IndiaTM exams.

- Kaveesh Raja

I chose LSAT—IndiaTM exam so than I can make my career path to move at a next level. I will need to constantly study and work hard with full dedication to reach my goal and I surely will.

- Rituja Lakshmikant Jakhade





The reason I chose LSAT—IndiaTM is only because I emphasize on the need to understand than to learn. This platform provides me an arena where I am not judged on the basis of my capabilities to remember facts, but helps me develop my critical thinking to understand what is behind the facts.

- Ayush

I will be appearing for LSAT—IndiaTM examination as it is one of the most important and prestigious competitive exams for those seeking admission in a reputed and leading private college. Also I have full faith in the marking procedure of LSAT—IndiaTM. It is a must try option for every candidate.

- Arpit Gupta

The reason I chose LSAT—IndiaTM is because it gives me a good number of college options for the career I want to step into. Not only this, but also the test is really comprehensive and brain storming in itself.

- Harshita Fatesaria

I believe that LSAT—IndiaTM is an exam that brings out the best potential in a person who aspires to do Law. The exposure and tremendous experience it provides is impeccable. Logical Reasoning and English are two aspects every prospective Lawyer should ace at, and LSAT—IndiaTM gives us the chance to do so.

- Shreya Suresh

The LSAT—IndiaTM exam is one of the growing aptitude tests because LSAT—IndiaTM pattern helps you understand and develop your Reasoning skills and English proficiency.As an aspiring law student one needs to have critical thinking skill first than academic qualification.

- Prabhansh Sharma

I believe that LSAT—IndiaTM is one of the exams thatiswell structured well. It tests candidate's aptitude in a structured manner. This novel approach to an entrance exam is what inspired me to take up LSAT—IndiaTM.

- Shreya Shankar

LSAT—IndiaTMis the gateway to many prestigious law schools in India as they offer admission based on LSAT—IndiaTM score. The pattern of thisexamination is most suitable as it tests one's logical and verbal reasoning skills which are the most essential requirement for any law programme. Hence for me, LSAT—IndiaTM is not just an option but the most preferred choice.

- Anna M koshy

I chose LSAT—IndiaTM because it is based on candidates thinking and reading skills and not mugging up skills like other law exams. Also it is a single test for many reputed colleges which accept scores of LSAT—IndiaTM. So, it’s a great choice not only for me but for all law aspirants.

- Paramveer Singh

LSAT—IndiaTM is associated with Good Law education institutes and Universities. I want to pursue law with JGLS for which I need to take LSAT—IndiaTM.

- Karan Aggarwal

I chose LSAT—IndiaTM to become a law professional. A career in law is very challenging and helps me to grow as a person. It is also rewarding as I believe that it gives a great sense of job satisfaction with good career prospects.

- Sanal

I chose LSAT—IndiaTM because of its dedication towards students to make their career full of flying colors.Its alluring world class facility and opportunity to get entrepreneurship to work at foreign institute is really mesmerizing,with its supreme faculty.

- Shubhendu Shekhar

I choose LSAT—IndiaTM to secure my career in law as I think that LSAT—IndiaTM will be my pathway to a law college that will help me to shape my career in law and make merealize my potential to the best.

- Durjoy Das

After listening to the opinion of seniors and mentors, LSAT –India seemed a lucrative and potentially rewarding prospect along with other options as a stepping stone to wholesome legal education. Especially due to the association with original LSAC which is one of the best parameters to check aptitude for law.

- Sushmit Mandal

LSAT—IndiaTM is the best opportunity to get admission in the best colleges of India

- Yash Shrivastava

I chose LSAT—IndiaTM because it follows the best way to check a candidate's ability to qualify the Law entrance exams as it doesn't require any prior knowledge to be prepared with to get through. It testscandidate's intelligence in a real way rather than testing the ability to cram which many other exams do.

- Akarsh Kumar

I chose LSAT—IndiaTM because it is the best option if one needs to go in a private law college.I want to take admission in O.P Jindal law school and the first step is to crack LSAT—IndiaTM.

- Naman Gupta

Since childhood I always had a rebellious nature and always questioned my elders if I feel that they have did something wrong, also I would always interfere in issues if I feel someone is facing unnecessary social injustice. After my school I went to China for MBBS.A year passed by and I had this feeling in me that this is not my field and that something is missing in my life. Then I started thinking about Law and finally I heard about LSAT—IndiaTM and CLAT. Therefore I decided to come back to India and start preparing for Law entrance. But unfortunately due to bar council's age bar I couldn't apply for CLAT, so at present LSAT –India is my only choice for pursuing Law as a career. I would like to do research in the field of law and I think by cracking LSAT—IndiaTM I can get into one of the top colleges in India and get the perfect platform to express myself and contribute something exceptional to the world.

- Mahesh Krishnan .R

Law has always been my career option. As a little child I was fascinated with the extraordinary respect lawyers used to get, and ever since I preferred to be a lawyer. LSAT—IndiaTM is framed to test only the necessary skills required becoming a lawyer and I suggest everyone to choose Law as a career.

- Mir Mustafa Ali Hasan

I have chosen LSAT—IndiaTM as it is one of the most trusted examination for law students. It judges the true capability of the students and helps in providing the best colleges.

- Ashi Agarwal

I chose LSAT—IndiaTM primarily because I get one single window of an opportunity to apply for various reputed Law Colleges within the country as also certain much esteemed universities within Delhi-NCR.
I feel that I will getwide options to choose from once I qualify the LSAT—IndiaTMexamination and can look for achieving my dream to excel in the field of Law as such. It's indeed a unique test methodology to access the candidate and thereafter let the candidate choose his college / university.

- Drishti Sahi

LSAT—IndiaTM is undoubtedly the closest experience one can get to the aptitude based education followed in most other parts of the world, and eliminates the factor of everyone's variable retention power by making the pattern of the examination such that it assesses a student only on the basis of his/her unconditioned capabilities. The same feature makes it the fairest assessment a student could ask for. The choice of colleges through LSAT—IndiaTMis vast, and anyone scoring a decent percentile can get into some of the best Private Law Colleges. Extremely delighted to have registered for the LSAT—IndiaTM.

- Faraz Arif

Firstly; today in India, the law/judiciary is the only pillar of the constitution which people still trust or have faith in. It ensures that the other two pillars of the constitution work properly, and do not exceed their defined roles. This is why the law is referred to as a ‘noble profession’.
Secondly; the most important qualities that a lawyer must have are logical thinking and ability to critically reason through problems which are the top priorities of LSAT—IndiaTM. Unlike other examinations, LSAT—IndiaTM does not require knowledge of law or of current affairs which can easily be mugged up but it requires logical and analytical skills which are honed over time. As a result, LSAT—IndiaTMis a challenging, yet extremely well-suited examination for law aspirants.

- Aishwarya Kumar Dubey

I chose LSAT—IndiaTM because it has vast scope not limited to courts,even if a person don't want to go in judicial sector ,they can try their luck in various sectors such as banking law,corporate law etc.

- Akansha Singh

LSAT—IndiaTM is considered as an important part of the law school admission process, along with GPA. LSAT—IndiaTM can serve as a yardstick of student ability because it is statistically normed.You need to focus on reaching your highest potential score. The test rewards candidates with generalized abilities adaptable to a variety of circumstances.

- Anoushka Singh

A society besieged with lawlessness, prejudice, bias and unfair treatment to the common man requires the motivated youth of the country to pursue a career in law for a just cause, LSAT—IndiaTM provides that right plat form.

- Jasmine Brar

I chose LSAT—IndiaTM primarily because it is the gateway to one of the most coveted law colleges such as Jindal Global Law School. When I decided that I want to pursue a career in law, a bit of research revealed daunting tests that involved rote learning. However, of all these tests, LSAT—IndiaTM seemed like the most reasonable method of ascertaining one's capacity to analyse, think quickly and interpret correctly. I hope to do justice to this test and secure an admission into my dream college.

- Rhea Tewary

The growing lawlessness and violation of human rights in some part of the world each day inspires me to walk this path.And there is no better way than to get through a good law school provided by LSAT—IndiaTM.

- Jaibatruka Mohanta

Well, law as a career has always been a dream for me... and LSAT colleges are no doubt some of the top law institutions our countryhas . So I chose to go for LSAT—IndiaTM exam for my PG reason being the faculty , packages provided by the institutions and definitely the fame of colleges. I hope for the best in upcoming LSAT—IndiaTM exam and wish my best to all those candidates who've applied.

- Sarvagya Jain

This is one of the best entrance exam in the country. Good Fame. A student can seek admission in reputed colleges of the country and which will definitely offer a handsome salary after the completion of the course.Along with good reputation as well.

- Puru Lekhi

21st century is a century where we work or make a career not just for money but way beyond that. In today's time self esteem, confidence, punctuality, happiness, satisfaction are the key points when choosing a career. Law is a career where you not only achieve the roots of law but also some other aspects which give you immense satisfaction. LSAT—IndiaTM is a medium which has allowed us to make a suitable and secured career. It focuses on building personalities than names. Students like us who have passion for law, are allowed to explore different aspects of becoming a lawyer through LSAT—IndiaTM. It not only makes a personality professionally but also for the personal front. I'm here to thank LSAT—IndiaTM for supporting us and giving us a medium to pursue our passions and interests.

- Tanisha Mehta

I would like to become best lawyer ever and want to achieve more.

- Akshith Chowdary

I believe that LSAT—IndiaTM is one of the leading well-structured law tests for undergraduate and postgraduate law admissions in the country. LSAT—IndiaTMexamination analyses the candidate’s reasoning and reading skills as well as critical thinking skills over their educational learning. The test rewards candidates with general abilities adaptable to a variety of circumstances. LSAT—IndiaTM exam is a valid measure of certain cognitive skills that are important for success in law school. It also opens up the window to 76+ law institutions in India.

- Sarthak Jain

LSAT—IndiaTM examtests student’s thinking capability, no prior knowledge of law or GK is required here which makes it unique, which solely focuses on a student's critical thinking

- Abhishek Jha
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