LSAT—India SuperPrepTM

1. LSAT—India SuperPrepTM - A guide to achieve super results

The LSAT—India SuperPrepTM contains a previously undisclosed real LSAT—IndiaTM test with a sample answer sheet, answer key, and complete and thorough explanations for each question in the practice test. The rationale for every correct answer is given and an explanation is provided for why every incorrect answer is incorrect. The Super Prep™ also includes a general discussion of the nature of each question type and some strategies that can be used in answering each of these question types.

The Super PrepTM is a valuable tool for the preparing for LSAT—IndiaTM. It is an excellent vehicle for becoming thoroughly familiar with the LSAT—IndiaTM test pattern and it provides a chance to practice on an actual test. Test experience of this kind is crucial for success on test day. Finally, and importantly, Super PrepTM allows you to truly understand your performance on the practice test. By studying the explanations, you can begin to understand your strengths and weaknesses on the various types of questions and skills. You can then efficiently focus your energy on improving so that you maximize your performance on test day.

The LSAT—India SuperPrepTM helps you

  • Practice on genuine LSAT—IndiaTM questions
  • Review explanations for right and wrong answers
  • Target specific categories of questions and skills for intensive review
  • Simulate actual LSAT—India™ testing conditions

To purchase the Super Prep™ log on to and register with LSAT—India to avail the Super PrepTM.

Official Test Prep

The LSAT—IndiaTM is a test of analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension, including comparative reading.
What's the best way to learn how to approach these types of questions before you encounter them on the day of the test? We invite you to use the following preparation materials:

2. Official LSAT—IndiaTM Free PrepTests

Students can download three sample tests -

These include the ACTUAL 2009 LSAT—IndiaTM, the ACTUAL 2010 LSAT—IndiaTM, and the ACTUAL 2012 LSAT—IndiaTM, along with descriptions of the question types, scoring, etc.

We recommend that you practice with all of these tests, and take at least one entire test in simulated testing conditions, with a strict adherence to time limits.

3. Official LSAT—IndiaTM free explanations to sample questions

It is recommended that students should go through the explanations and understand the manner in which the questions can be answered.

4. Official LSAT—IndiaTM free test prep videos

(approx. 5 minutes each)

5. Official LSAT—IndiaTM test taking tips

Click here to find about the official test taking tips:

Official test taking tips

6. The Official LSAT—IndiaTM Handbook

To achieve a deeper level of preparation, there's no better way than "THE OFFICIAL LSAT—IndiaTM HANDBOOK", published by the Law School Admission Council. Use this inexpensive guide to become familiar with every type of LSAT—IndiaTM question and the skills they are designed to assess, so that you can make the most of the rest of your test preparation and do your best on the test.

Payment options - Candidates who wish to avail of "THE OFFICIAL LSAT—IndiaTM HANDBOOK" can buy it Online only.


Students can purchase THE OFFICIAL LSAT—IndiaTM HANDBOOK as follows:

  • THE OFFICIAL LSAT—IndiaTM HANDBOOK purchase along with LSAT—IndiaTM registration - Candidates need to pay an incremental amount of Rs. 450 for the THE OFFICIAL LSAT—IndiaTM HANDBOOK purchase at the time of registration. Combo offer price Rs. 4250 (Test registration + Handbook purchase)
  • THE OFFICIAL LSAT—IndiaTM HANDBOOK only - Candidates can buy the handbook by paying Rs. 600.

Candidates can purchase THE OFFICIAL LSAT—IndiaTM HANDBOOK by clicking on the option available via Registration Application. An additional prep-test will be available for those who purchase the Handbook.

7. Additional Resources

We recommend the following free online courses on critical thinking:


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